Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Our True Passion

At Upclusion, we strongly believe that people are a company’s most valuable asset. Every company can optimize its brand, productivity, talent engagement, and retention by actively building a diverse and inclusive culture. Our mission is to bring real diversity and inclusion to every workplace. Our job is to make it easy to track and diagnose problem areas, as well as implement and practice D&I solutions in places where these issues fall through the cracks. We do this through a seamless mix of our first-of-it’s-kind D&I software technologies as well as D&I coaching and consulting. Our technologies are data-driven and constantly evolving to adapt to emerging employee behavior patterns and feedback. We also are here for you to provide in-depth coaching for issues that require extra attention.


Change is Unstoppable

There is no resisting it. Your employees are now more empowered than ever before and continue to become more empowered every day. Increase the rate of innovation at your company by not only discussing diversity and inclusion but by making it a real thing for each person who is ultimately responsible for your company’s success: your employees.
We aren’t here to be just another surface-level “D&I solution” to make it seem like your company cares. We are here to help identify bottlenecks and implement changes so that your company is the kind of place where the best employees want to work.

Nisha Ramakrishnan

CEO, Co-Founder

Nisha Ramakrishnan brings over 17 years of experience as a Founder, Chief of Staff, Head of Operations and Program Lead in large technology companies and the banking sector. She has also successfully founded and built startups in the technology space. Nisha strongly believes that technology can make us more aware of our inherent biases and exclusive behaviors and can assist us in becoming better colleagues. She believes technology can be your friend in your pursuit of inclusive behaviors. A strong advocate for Diversity and Inclusion, Nisha is a published author and on the panel of several D&I councils and boards and has closely been involved in the health of inclusion in organizations on the West Coast and internationally. Nisha brings with her strong business acumen, a robust technical background, and the spirit of entrepreneurship and love for all things ‘people’. In her free time, she loves to write books, and enjoys cooking and exploring the outdoors with her friends and partner.

Nathan Ryweck

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Nathan Ryweck comes from a background of entrepreneurship and creative product development for companies in areas including blockchain technologies, medicine, creative media, property management, vertical farming, investing, and sales. His enthusiasm and clarity of thought when it comes to developing products and processes people love has been instrumental in the success of the companies he has founded and partnered with. His strong business acumen paired with the ability to think from the customer’s perspective have led him to be the key product architect at Upclusion. A strong advocate of inclusion in all aspects of life himself, he has invested several years of his career coaching people from underserved communities in professional skills that could help their careers. In his free time, Nathan enjoys the outdoors and travelling the world.

Daniela Ricaud

Creative Operations Lead

Daniela brings with herself several years as a Creative Lead who has been instrumental in designing corporate presentations, brand merchandise, corporate digital strategy, and hiring and managing incredible creative teams in several industries. She also brings a strong operational background that has been leveraged by product and design teams to bring structure and organization - two attributes key to a high performing product team. Her background in design and her strong sense of business and a get-it-done attitude make her a star player in any company looking to venture into the product space with clean, user-friendly technology. Team that with her organizational and operational skills, you have someone who truly is a Master of all things a business needs to be successful. In her free time, Daniela is a true gamer at heart and enjoys great food and the outdoors!

Advisory Board

Bob Beaty

Bob Beaty has been a professional programmer since the age of 14. His extensive knowledge covers all aspects of development - from design and documentation through building, testing, and releasing. His expertise has gained him valuable titles over the years such as assistant professor for Auburn University which also involved research and publication, senior systems architect, expert engineer for Groupon, principal engineer for The Climate Corporation and representative to the corporate architecture group, leading to becoming a director of engineering at Vodori. His several years of experience have gained him considerable knowledge in applications ranging from complete corporate support all the way to online credit card management to risk management of equities portfolios, and more. In addition to this, his skills in operating systems (RedHat Linux, Windows, Solaris, NeXTSTEP, OPENSTEP, MacOS 6.x/7.0/X), development languages (C, C++, Objective-C, Java, FORTRAN, Pascal, VB/VBScript, 16-bit ASM, PHP, ASP, csh, bash, perl), middle-ware (Tibco Rendezvous, MQSeries, Sun ONE MQ), databases (Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, ODBC, JDBC), and networking (TCP/IP, IPX, Novell, Windows NT/2000/XP, NFS, Cisco, NAT, Routers) have distinguished him as a key advisory board member for Upclusion, Inc.

Steven Saunders

Steven G. Saunders is a partner and chair of Nutter's Intellectual Property Department. He advises clients ranging from emerging companies to multinational corporations on all of their intellectual property needs, including IP portfolio development, strategy and evaluation, patent preparation and prosecution, product clearance, inter partes reviews (IPRs), litigation management, reexamination, and licensing. Steven's scientific background has allowed him to practice across a wide range of technologies, including medical devices, instrumentation, and laboratory equipment; electrical systems and electronics; computer hardware and software; cloud computing, networking, routing, and IoT; metrology; energy and alternative energy; high performance computing and graphics processing; integrated circuit design and MEMS; and semiconductor fabrication and related materials processing.

As a leader in the legal industry, Steven has been involved in numerous professional organizations and activities, such as a judge and mentor at the MIT 100K Business Plan Competition; MIT Venture Mentor Service; MIT Sandbox Mentor; mentor at the MIT Delta V Program; mentor at the Massachusetts Innovation Network and New England Innovation Program; co-manager at the Harvard Club Entrepreneurs' Roundtable; the Coulter Foundation Committee at Boston University; guest lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, Boston College, and Northeastern University; board member of the Boston University Ignition Award Program; adjunct faculty at Boston University; a member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association; and a lifetime member of Tau Beta Pi, the oldest engineering honor society in the United States; and more. Steven is also an active participant in the angel investor community and hears dozens of presentations from early stage entrepreneurs annually as a member of both Hub Angels Investment Group and Launchpad Ventures. His vast knowledge and experience as an advisory board member to a variety of startup companies make him an excellent addition to Upclusion, Inc.'s advisory board.

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Company Culture

We understand that every employee has a key role in your business. Through our software, you’ll be able to get a better look at how things are run in a different perspective.

Experienced Coaching
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Our knowledgeable team of coaches and experts will help you from whatever part of the world you’re located in, in the language and settings that best suit you.


Take a look at the data that matters. Each report includes strategies for implementation, delegation, and optimization.

Next Steps

Our team works with you on both an individual and team perspective, the type of need, and the personality type. You’ll receive guidance on how to best delegate these strategies.


We care about the smallest details that often get overlooked in an effort to ensure that bottlenecks are not only identified but prevented before they start.


Diversity, inclusion, and equity are the keys to promoting a healthy office culture. Each strategy is created to optimize your business in profit, productivity, and employee happiness resulting in retention.