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We care about people. We are here to support employees
and companies alike in the mission to enhance engagement,
retention, and innovation through diversity and inclusion.

Our state-of-the-art D&I products and services bridge the gap that exists today
between technology and people. Our goal is to help build stronger teams and inclusive workplaces that everyone wants to be a part of.

Connected Everywhere

Technology for people working remotely

DEI Coaching Worldwide

From certified coaches around the world

Improving Inclusive Behavior

Become empowered to receive all of the tools you need

Everything you Need in One Place

All of your data and business tools in one easy to use platform

Two aspects,
one complete experience

Introducing talkingstick.io & unbiasedly.io


Imagine having access to every tool you need to engage with your employees and peers directly during critical interactions, helping them intercept their own biases.

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Receive professional DEI training from our certified coaches based on the type of coaching needed and the personality types being coached, now available worldwide.

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Innovative solutions to build an inclusive workplace

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Real-Time Engagement & Metrics

Take a look at the data that matters. Each report includes strategies for implementation, delegation, and optimization.

Quick and Easy Integration

Swiftly connect to any chosen video conferencing software such as Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and more!

Advanced Analytics in One Place

Keep track of all your relevant data within your personalized dashboard, optimized with actionable goals and feedback.

First of its Kind

Generalized feedback with temporary solutions is out the door! Our Live AI-based software works with you discreetly with your areas of improvement.

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Diversity & Inclusion

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